Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Pool Tables

Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Pool Tables

Not every home will have room for an indoor pool table; it’s a big item and considering the extra room players will need in order to take proper shots, a considerable amount of space is required.

Enter the outdoor pool table. There’s not a huge amount of difference between an indoor pool table and an outdoor pool table, but the latter is designed to be sturdier, longer-lasting, and waterproof.

The following will break down everything you need to know about outdoor pool tables, as well as the basics of indoor pool tables and pool tables in general.

We’ll also be looking at some of the best outdoor pool tables on the market right now, as well as answering some of the most frequently asked questions regarding outdoor pool tables.

What Are Outdoor Pool Tables Made From?

There are several differences in how indoor pool tables and outdoor pool tables are made.

The Bed Of The Outdoor Pool Table

The playing surface under the cloth of the pool table is referred to as the bed.

This is a very important part of the pool table because if the bed becomes warped or otherwise damaged, it could compromise gameplay entirely.

This is especially true for outdoor pool tables. The beds of high-quality outdoor pool tables tend to be made from slate rock, which is a good choice but will make the table heavier and cost more.

A cheaper alternative to the slate bed is the pearl board, which is made with Formica and polyester resin. Another option is manufactured treated resin.

All these kinds of beds are designed to be weather resistant.

The Frame And The Legs

In most cases, both the frame and the legs of outdoor pool tables will be made from treated aluminum or stainless steel that’s resistant to rust.

The only main differences between the frame and legs of an indoor pool table and an outdoor pool table are in the style.


While the majority of indoor pool tables have a surface of wool and nylon or wool and polyester, outdoor pool tables have a surface that’s tougher and more water-resistant.

Some types of cloth used include polytech and Taklon, but the most common type of cloth is called Sunbrella and is made from acrylic. Each of these fabrics is both water-resistant and UV resistant, while also providing a smooth surface of play.


The bumpers of outdoor pool tables tend to be the same as the bumpers of indoor pool tables. They’ll usually be rubber K66 or K55 bumpers.

Accessories That Come With Outdoor Pool Tables

New outdoor pool tables usually come with all of the essential accessories, including a set of balls, two cue sticks (which will in some cases be made from aluminum rather than wood), a triangle rack, and at least one piece of chalk.

Most outdoor pool tables will also come with a weatherproof cover to protect the table from any extreme weather conditions.

If the table comes with wooden cue sticks, consider bringing them inside when you’re not playing.

Things To Consider When Buying An Outdoor Pool Table

Things To Consider When Buying An Outdoor Pool Table

There are a number of things you’ll need to consider when in the market for an outdoor pool table.


You’ll need to make sure you’re going to have enough space for the table. If you think you’ll be moving the table around your garden quite frequently, you might want to consider something more portable.

While the heavier outdoor pool tables can weigh between 800 to 1,000 pounds, you’ll also find lighter tables that weigh as little as 200 to 300 pounds.

Another thing to consider when deciding where you could put your outdoor pool table is how flat the surface is. You’re not going to want to be playing pool on a slope.

If there’s no area of your garden that’s completely flat, though, you’ll be able to adjust the legs to make the table more level.


As previously mentioned, most outdoor pool tables will come with essential equipment.

The balls included will be the same balls included with indoor pool tables, but you may want to upgrade to industry-standard balls. Outdoor pool tables also often come with aluminum cues, rather than wooden cues.

This will allow you to leave your cues outside without the risk of them becoming warped. If you’re using wooden cues you should bring them inside when you’re not playing.

How To Convert Your Indoor Pool Table Into An Outdoor Pool Table

There are a number of steps you should be following if you intend to convert your indoor pool table into a table suitable for the outdoors. The following is a step-by-step guide to this process.

Change The Table’s Felt

The first step will be removing the felt on the surface of the table, switching it for something more suitable for the outdoors. You can’t go wrong with marine-grade acrylic fabric.

This will make for a rougher surface of play than you’ll probably be used to, but will hold up well against the elements.

Make Sure You Have Enough Room

Even in a garden, pool tables will take up a substantial amount of space. Make sure you’ve done the measurements, and that an outdoor pool table will fit in your garden.

There must be enough space for you to play the game comfortably, rather than worrying about not having enough room to draw back your cue.

Find A Durable Cover

Acquire a cover that’s waterproof and will completely cover your table, balls, and any other accessories while the table’s not in play.

Even if the weather is fine, you should still be leaving the cover on the table when you’re not using it.

Update The Wood Of The Table

This may not be completely necessary, but you might want to think about upgrading the wood of the table to wood more suited to the outdoors.

Regardless of if you take this extra step, you could also coat the surface of the table with epoxy glue in order to seal any holes that would otherwise be at risk of moisture damage.

A few coats of paint to the outside of the table would also add more protection.

Think About The Weather

Think About The Weather

It might also be possible that you just don’t live in the right climate to have a wooden pool table outdoors.

If your region gets very hot temperatures regularly, your table will be at higher risk of both humidity and moisture.

If this is an issue you see your table encountering, you could always bring it inside during the hotter months and only have it outside when it’s cooler.

Best Outdoor Pool Tables

There are a number of high-quality outdoor pool tables on the market right now. Some are designed exclusively for outdoor use, while others can be used indoors or outdoors. Here are some of the most recommended outdoor pool tables.

MD Sports Billiard Table

The MD Sports Billiard Table is made from high-quality materials, including K66 rubber bumper cushions. The table has drop pockets for storing the balls between games.

The steel legs and oversized leg levelers offer utmost stability, as well as a thick playfield with a smooth surface.

It also comes with all the basics, including a set of billiard balls, two cue sticks, two chalks, a table brush, and a triangle.

Fat Cat Trueshot 6 Ft. Pool Table From GLD Products

This innovative pool table has foldable legs that lend it far more portability than a regular pool table.

It’s especially ideal for those who don’t have much space to work with, but is also made with high-strength materials, so the extra space is not coming at the cost of quality.

The Fat Cat Trueshot is black and weighs 114 pounds.

Extera Outdoor Pool Table By Playcraft

The Extera Outdoor Pool Table is perfect for just about any pool player.

Setup is quick and easy, and it’s relatively lightweight compared to most outdoor pool tables, meaning you can move it around at any time.

It also comes with all the equipment you’re going to need and features a fully aluminum frame, as well as electric blue UV resistant and waterproof cloth made from Polytech.

Other Kinds of Pool Tables

There are a number of other kinds of pool tables, as well as outdoor pool tables and traditional indoor pool tables. Here are the most common variations.

Modern Pool Tables

Modern pool tables are indoor tables that are designed to fit in with any modern home. They tend to be quite attractive, with minimalist, subtle styling.

They usually boast a variety of choices for both the cloth and the finish of the table, so you can get the table that best suits your home.

Dining Pool Tables

Also modern in style, the dining pool table has a much shallower cabinet to provide more space underneath the table.

They serve as convertible pieces of furniture, meaning that as soon as you’ve finished a game of pool you can fit back on the tabletops and sit down for a meal.

Some pricier dining pool tables feature a rotating cabinet, while others feature tabletops that fold out.

Luxury Pool Tables

Luxury Pool Tables

The luxury pool table is the best choice if you’re looking to make a statement, with stylish designs and decadent materials. Like the modern tables, these tend to be very minimalist.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Outdoor Pool Tables

How Heavy Is An Outdoor Pool Table?

An outdoor pool table with a slate bed will usually weigh between 600 to 1,000 pounds, but this can vary depending on the other materials the table is made with.

Tables with beds that aren’t made of slate tend to weigh far less.

Oftentimes an outdoor pool table made from aluminum and stainless steel will actually weigh less than a traditional indoor pool table made from hardwood- but again, it just depends on the other materials used.

What’s The Difference Between A Pool Table And A Billiards Table?

We’ve mentioned both outdoor pool tables and outdoor billiards tables, but what’s the difference between the two?

The major difference is that pool tables are at least 3.5 feet by 7 feet, while billiard tables are far bigger, usually having a minimum size of 5 feet by 10 feet.

In pool, you’ll be using between nine to 15 balls in any given game, but in billiards, you’ll only be using three balls. These balls are also bigger than the balls used for pool.

The cloth is also different; on a pool table, it’ll be designed to make the balls go slower, while the cloth on a billiards table is designed to make them go fast.

Pool cue sticks are also longer and thinner than billiards cue sticks, the latter having a shorter ferrule (the sleeve at the end of the cue that prevents it from splitting) which makes the stick taper faster.

Billiard cues also have a wooden pin joint and a small tip at the end.

How Many Different Types of Pool Can You Play?

There are five main types of pool.

The first is eight-ball pool, the most common game type, which is sometimes known as stripes and solids.

Nine-ball is a more contemporary form of pool in which the nine-ball is not the shot ball, but every ball on the table can be pot at any time.

Three-ball is usually a folk game, with three balls of any color and no set rules. There is also one pocket pool, wherein only two pockets of the table are in use during a game.

Each player selects their preferred pocket on the table and can only pot balls in said pocket. Finally, there is bank pool, where you can only score a shot if you bank the called ball off the cushion and into the pocket.

There tend to be 15 balls at play in a game of bank pool, and the game is won when a player pots eight of these balls.

Conclusion: Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Pool Tables

Outdoor pool tables are the ideal option if you don’t have enough space for a traditional pool table in your home. They’re durable, sturdy, and are designed to withstand all weather conditions.

If you’re making sure to put on the weatherproof cover when you’re not using the table, then your outdoor pool table will most likely last even longer than an indoor pool table would.

Just make sure there’s enough room in your garden, and that the surface it’s on is flat enough.

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