Get To Know Different Table Tennis Conversion Top In The Market

Table tennis is one of the most accessible sports since it can be played almost anywhere with just two paddles and a ping pong ball, as long as there is a firm surface to strike the ball against.

Purchasing a full-size table tennis table is not the most cost-effective or space-saving option though, which is why table tennis conversion tops are becoming increasingly popular around the world.

These tabletops are a low-cost, high-quality way for more people to get into ping pong, whether they're teaching kids to play, searching for a gift, or simply looking for something fun to do with friends or family.

Due to the popularity of the sport, a variety of ping pong conversion tops are now available, ranging from full-size tabletops to 34-inch table tennis tables or children's tables. One of the most important aspects of buying one is getting the right size.

In this article, we have found the best conversion tops on the market and put together an easy-to-follow buying guide to help you make the best decision possible.

The Best Conversion Tops


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This 3/4-inch thick top on Butterfly's tabletop ping pong table with ping pong net and foam back is great for playing high-performance games of table tennis on your pool table.

This pool table ping pong top is guaranteed for three years.

The ping pong net set effortlessly clamps in place for quick setup, making it one of the easiest pool table upgrades for your game room. However, you will probably still need an extra pair of hands to help you fit it as it is quite heavy.

This ping pong table surface contains a full sheet of foam underneath it to prevent scratches and chipping of the table underneath.

This is a regulation-size ping pong table topper for pool tables. It fits 8ft pool tables with a removable apron to fit larger billiard tables


  • 9 feet x 5 feet
  • 3-year warranty
  • 19mm thickness with supporting metal rails
  • Foam backing to protect surfaces underneath
  • Comes with a butterfly clip set


  • Regulation table size
  • Very good build quality
  • Great bounce
  • 3 year warranty


  • Quite heavy and may need two people to fit it


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This Rally and Roar Table Tennis Converter Top, with its distinctive 2 or 4 board design, is a convenient way to play a pop-up game virtually anywhere, allowing you to convert an air hockey or pool table into a ping pong game in seconds.

Choose from a hinged 4-panel style or a 2-panel model, all of which are user-friendly and easy to install. Simply place the net posts on both sides of the table to begin competing with friends and family.

The 2-piece set is 5/8" thick with professional-grade materials, while the 4-piece set boasts 1/2" of the smooth playfield with silk print striping for a superb bounce.

Instead of purchasing a new table, turn current equipment into a pop-up ping pong match to conserve space in your basement or playroom. Disassemble, fold, and store boards in a closet or under a bed.

This table is a full 9' x 5', allowing you to enjoy a fun evening of gaming with up to four players in the comfort of your own home, knowing that this competition-grade indoor table set will last.


  • Paddle and nets included
  • Can choose 2-piece or 4-piece design
  • Foam backing to protect the surface underneath
  • 9 feet x 5 feet
  • 12mm thickness for 4-panel, 16mm thickness for 2 panel 


  • Easy to store away
  • Thicker surface (for 2-panel)
  • Foam back to protect the surface


  • Nets can be fragile and may break easily


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On this list, only the Brunswick Table Tennis Conversion Top includes a pool table. Plus, it's a stylish table! Because of its attractive appearance and 18mm changeable top, it's an excellent choice if you want to play pool and table tennis at the same time.

Your purchase also includes a pair of table tennis paddles and three ping pong balls, unlike many other ads. As a consequence, you can start playing immediately.


  • 18mm thickness
  • 9 feet x 5 feet
  • High quality black finish
  • Foam padding for added protection underneath


  • Stylish looking
  • Very goo d build quality
  • Purchase includes 3 ping pong balls and 2 paddles


  • Quite heavy - the table top weighs 128lbs
  • Very expensive compared to ther sont his list


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The Martin Kilpatrick table tennis conversion top is a reliable, high-quality top that fits over a table up to 5 feet wide. With this conversion top, you can transform your pool table into a ping pong table with one of the greatest pool table accessories.

The table is 19mm in thickness, which will give the ball a nice bounce. In total it measures 9x5 with a metal apron.

For added protection, foam cushions are included to protect the conversion top of your pool table.

This table comes in two pieces, which makes storing it easier. When playing ping pong, both halves lock together to keep the ball from sliding.


  • Foam padding to protect underneath
  • 3 year warranty
  • 19mm in thickness
  • 9 feet x 5 feet
  • 1.5” metal railings included for support
  • Net assembly means that you can use this conversion top on a 5 foot wide table


  • Very thick surface so a good bounce
  • Sturdy and durable with good build quality
  • Long lifespan because of how it’s made


  • Though good build quality, the net it a bit fragile
  • Bit pricy for what it is


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Joola has been a trusted Olympic table tennis brand for more than 60 years. Since its debut in the 1950s, Joola has been a proud sponsor of the world's major tournaments, including the Olympics, World Championships, and US Open.

That doesn’t mean that they only cater to the highly skilled sportsman though, they sell equipment for all skill levels.

This conversion table is almost completely pre-assembled, and you'll be ready to play in less than a minute!

Simply screw the ping pong net to the surface of the converter top. When you're done playing, take off the tops and you're back to billiards.

The complete foam EVA cushioning on the Joola Table Tennis Conversion Top protects your billiard table from scratches and damage. As you ping pong with your friends and family, this preserves your pool table in good shape!

With a maximum length of 18 feet, this ping pong convertible top fits most standard billiard tables.

Most normal pool tables with a maximum length of 9 feet will accommodate the ping pong conversion top. When not in use, the table tennis tops can be easily stored in a conventional closet.

This table top is very stylish. It is 15mm thick, which allows for good play quality, and the charcoal black finish is gorgeous and appealing.


  • 16mm in thickness
  • EVA padding for added protection underneath
  • Charcoal black surface is very sleek and stylish
  • 9 feed x 5 feet


  • Very good build quality
  • Modern and sleek appearance
  • A lot of foam protection for the underside


  • Not very thick so play may be affected


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The Quick Set Conversion Top is a regulation dimension at 9 ft x 5 ft. Its 12-inch thick engineered wood core is coated in a green PVC laminate for more bounce and durability, making it ideal for competitive play.

Have twice the enjoyment while saving room in your playing area. When it comes to converting your pool table into a fully functional table tennis table, the Quick Set Conversion Top gives you the best of both worlds.

The two table half's are made up of two sections joined by four hinges for quick storage. When not in use, simply fold the two halves and remove them for easy and compact storage.

You won’t have to worry about scuffs or scrapes with this conversion top. Durability and protection pads are included in the design. These felt pads on the underside of the tabletop protect your pool table from damage during play or conversion.

Each table comes with a 180 day manufacturer warranty as standard. The set includes a net and posts. The company promises to replace any parts that may be missing from the box free of charge or may even send you a complete new table.


  • 12mm in thickness
  • 9 feet x 5 feet
  • Foam padding for protection underneath
  • 2-piece design with 4 hinges holding it together


  • 180 day warranty
  • Very easy to store due to its design
  • More affordable than other models


  • A bit annoying to set up - may take 2 people
  • Build quality is not the best, but that is to be expected for a table top of a cheaper price


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You can convert any dining room table, pool table, or air hockey game table into a table tennis table with the HEAD 2-Piece, 15mm Table Tennis Conversion Top. With this you can enjoy many hours of fun and friendly competition.

The foam padded underside of this top protects the table that the conversion top will sit on, allowing you to play without worry.

Beginners and casual players alike will enjoy this HEAD conversion top. The integrated carry handles make pulling out and putting it away a snap and reduce the chance of pinching your fingers! They can be used to keep balls as well.

The ping pong table top comes with a premium net and post that can be adjusted for height and tension. This outperforms the nets of some of the other models, which are a little flimsy.

This table is the standard 9 feed x 5 feet.


  • 15mm in thickness
  • 9 feet x 5 feet
  • Comes with included post and net
  • Has build-in carry handles


  • A very good, high quality set
  • Carry handles make it easy to transport and store


  • Not as thick as other models, which may affect bounce


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Convert Your Pool Table to a Table Tennis Table with Ease with this table. Because Stiga is a well-known table tennis manufacturer, you can trust their conversion tops. This kind is a little fragile, but the steel supports make it very durable.

A screw clamp net that may be tightened by hand is included. This is a fantastic addition, especially considering how many of the nets that come with conversion tops are of poor quality.


  • 13mm in thickness
  • 9 feet x 5 feet
  • Posts and net are included in purchase
  • Sponge rubber strips will protect the rail


  • Very strong and durable
  • Net and posts included so you can get playing straight away


  • Relatively thin compared to other models - may make play a bit more difficult. 


Table tennis conversion tops for pool tables, dining tables, and even garden furniture are an inexpensive alternative to a full-size table tennis table with legs.

They are much cheaper than buying a full sized tennis table, and are also easier to transport and store them away when you need to.

All around, these products guarantee you, your family, and your friends hours of fun.

Buyers Guide

Now that you have taken a look at the best conversion tops on the market, here are the key facts to know, and things to consider when buying on of these products.

What Is A Conversion Top?

Ping pong table tops, also known as conversion tops, may turn any pool table into a ping pong table. Sometimes you are also able to find ones that fiot over regular tables.

A table tennis table with the playing surface removed is known as a conversion top. In this situation, there is no undercarriage.

This means you can put it on any suitable surface quickly and easily, meaning that you will now have a table tennis table to play on.

Why Should I Buy One?

Table tennis conversion tops let people who would otherwise be unable to play the game to do so. One of the reasons why people don’t really play ping pong is that tennis tables are enormous pieces of furniture that are difficult to accommodate into a small space.

In this case, conversion toppers come in handy. An existing piece of furniture, such as a pool table or a dining table, can be transformed into a ping pong table. When you're finished, you can easily disassemble the converter top and store it.

Conversion tops are usually advertised as bring a cover of sorts to a pool table. That does not mean that this is the only kind of table they can fit though.

They can be applied to a wide range of surfaces. Simply compare the dimensions of the model you wish to buy with the size of the table you'll be using.

It's fine if there's a modest amount of overhang. It can, however, become unstable if there is too much of it.

Another benefit of conversion tops is that they are substantially less expensive than full-size tables. This is a better approach to get started if you're not a regular player.

Many casual fans should be content to play for a fraction of the expense of a high-end table tennis table, which costs almost $4,000 usually.

Table tennis is a great sport for kids since it not only entertains them and keeps them occupied, but it also helps them improve their hand-eye coordination and balance while providing a healthy competitive environment.

Table tennis tops or miniature table tennis tables are great for introducing children to the sport.

The top of a table tennis table is substantially lighter than a full-size table tennis table, making it much easier to transfer to different surfaces.

In the summer, it may be played on an outdoor dining table, and in the winter, it can be played indoors on a pool table or dining table. It's also a great option for the office.

Get To Know Different Table Tennis Conversion Top In The Market

What To Look Out For When Buying A Conversion Top

Here are the most important things to keep in mind when buying one of these conversion tops.

Size Of Table And Conversion Top

Table tennis tables are 9 feet (2.74 metres) long and 5 feet (1.53 metres) wide, with a singles playing area of 18 feet (5.5 metres) by 11 feet (3.35 metres).

When purchasing a ping pong conversion top, the size range will commonly range from a full size 9ft, to 8ft, 7ft, or even 6ft, with little to no compromise in playing quality.

Small table tops are more common because they're designed to fit typical dining and pool table sizes, but a regular 9-foot table tennis table is a great option if you have the space.

Height Of Table

The standard height of a table tennis table is 76cm (about 30 inches), but your dining table, pool table, or other table is unlikely to be exactly the right size to suit these specifications.

That's perfectly fine though. Your table should be around waist height, and if it's even close to that, you'll be able to play a fantastic competitive game of table tennis.

You can always get creative with your space if you can't find a table that meets your demands.

Protection Of Table Underneath

One concern for customers considering a table tennis conversion top is that the table underneath it will be damaged or chipped.

Most table tops have a protective foam underside that not only keeps it from chipping the table beneath it, but also helps it stay in place during play. If this is a concern, choose a table with protective padding.


When it comes to how little storage space they take up and how portable they are, ping pong table conversion tops are a great alternative to a full table, but it's still important to prepare ahead of time where you'll keep it when it's not in use.

Because they can be kept flat, consider storing them against a wall in a basement or garage, beneath a bed or other table, or even in a cupboard out of the way if you choose one of the smaller tables.

If you're going with one of those, keep in mind that a full-size table tennis conversion top is 9ft by 5ft, so double-check the measurements or dimensions of your storage area.


Because the material and thickness of the playing surface, rather than the legs or frame, are a reliable predictor of table tennis table quality, the quality and price of table tennis conversion tops can vary substantially.

Unlike traditional ping pong tables, you can obtain a good quality table top for about £100 (most likely a 6ft table tennis table top), with higher prices ranging from £500 to $1,000.

First, decide on your budget, then the size you desire, and finally the material and quality you can afford in a table. There is something to suit every budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Difference Between Table Tennis And Ping Pong?

There is no difference between table tennis and ping pong in terms of how they are played.

Although the term ping pong is more often used in the United States, most pros all around the world refer to the sport as table tennis. Contrary to popular belief, the rules of the game do not alter with the name change.

What Wood Is Best For Table Tennis Tops?

Fir, pine, and spruce are just a few of the wood species used to make plywood. These three wood species can all be used to build a ping pong table.

Hardwood plywood is also available, but because the table does not need to be robust, it is not necessary to spend extra money on hardwood plywood.

How Thick Should A Tennis Top Be?

The playing surface should have a thickness of at least 3/4 inch (19mm). Anything with a thinner wall is more likely to distort, resulting in erratic ball bounce. Particle board makes up the majority of table tennis tops.

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