How Tall Is A Standard Pool Table?

How Tall Is A Standard Pool Table

Pool is a game or sport played with a cue on a table with six pockets along the rails, in which you need to hit the balls in order to progress.

It really is a fun, yet straightforward game that can be exciting to play against an opponent, or by yourself.

When it comes to playing pool, it really just takes practice to get the angles right, the positioning of the cue on the ball, and landing those perfect shots. However, there is something vital that you need; a pool table.

If you’re thinking about buying a pool table, then you’ve probably already had a look online and seen the abundance of styles, functions, and sizes that you can choose from.

So, how tall is a pool table, and what are the standard sizes? Read on to find out!

How Tall Is A Standard Pool Table?

Pool tables do vary when it comes to size and height, and these specifications can vary depending on location. For instance, European sizes may differ from US sizes for pool and billiard tables.

The World Pool-Billiard Association argues that a pool table needs to be within 29 and a quarter inches to 31 inches tall at maximum. Therefore, there is no real set standard and it can be anywhere between these sizes.

For the most part, the height of the table will not make much of a difference to the game or how well you play. What may make a difference is the overall size. So, what sizes are there?

Pool Table Size Guide

Check out this handy table of the different pool table dimensions for guidance.

Dimensions Of TableDimensions Of Playing Area
6 ft Table (UK Size)75” by 44”63” by 32”
7 ft Table (UK Size)84” by 48”72” by 36”
7 ft Table (US Size)93” by 54”79” by 39”
8 ft Table (US Size)102“ by 59”88” by 44”
9 ft Table (US Size)114“ by 64”100” by 50”

Professional Height Requirements For Pool

Professional Height Requirements For Pool

The professional height requirements for a pool table are about 29 and a quarter inches to 31 inches if it is going to be acceptable for a professional tournament or game.

Whilst some may enjoy higher or smaller tables, the professional requirements are the same.

Does The Height Of The Table Affect The Game?

No, the height of the pool table does not affect the game or playability in any way. Most pool tables are pretty much always the same height, so there’s no real difference.

What you may notice is going from a 6ft or 7ft table to an 8ft or 9ft table. This can be a harder transition for many pool players.

However, it does depend on the player, as if they are smaller, then they may struggle on a taller table, and vice versa, if a player is very tall, then a small table can be a challenge.

Can The Height Be Adjusted?

There are various different types of pool tables available these days, and many come in different sizes to choose from.

For many models of pool tables, the height can be adjusted to some extent.

However, not all tables are adjustable, so ensure that the one you purchase can be adjusted if this is something that you want in order to work on your shooting skills.

Looking For A Pool Table?

If you want to purchase your own pool table, then you can find these here online on We’ve picked the perfect 8ft pool table:

And a 6ft multi-game pool table:


To conclude, pool tables are available in a variety of sizes, and these differ from location to location.

For the most part, pool tables should be between the heights of 29.25 inches and 31 inches, no matter whether it is a 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, or 9ft pool table.

Dave White